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The Best Space-Saving Radiators for Your Home

The Best Space-Saving Radiators for Your Home

Sometimes, installing a radiator into a space can be a tight fit. For small box bedrooms, under-the-stairs WCs, and itty bitty utility rooms, finding the room to squeeze in a radiator can be tricky. You might want to preserve what precious floor space you have or save wall space by using up “dead space” beneath windows or in awkward nooks instead. Either way, here are our favourite space-saving radiators for your bedroom, bathroom, and beyond.

What do we mean by saving space?

When we talk about saving space, there are two different ways we mean. The first is saving wall space such as in unusual-shaped kitchens or compact living rooms - in these case you will want to find shorter, horizontal radiators that fit beneath windows to use up “dead space” or something tall and narrow to squeeze into spots in your kitchen or closet bathroom that have a lot of wall space taken up by cabinets. The second type of space saving radiators will have a small projection to save floor space, allowing you to move more freely around a room. Flatter radiators have a smaller impact and therefore save you precious floor real estate - ideal for small bedrooms, offices, and narrow hallways.

Best for closet bathrooms

Closet bathrooms and under-the-stairs WCs are some of the most cramped spaces, convenient but not exactly spacious. Because of this, it can be difficult to squeeze in a bathroom radiator as well, not to mention the large size can completely overheat the space. Instead, a small radiator is the best addition to these spots.  

  There are some really great space saving bathroom radiators out there such as the Aston Stainless Steel towel rail which features a really small projection and is perfect for drying your towels. Alternatively, if you can’t plumb a towel rail into your central heating, the Zennor Anthracite electric towel rail is the perfect solution with its WIFI-controlled thermostat to give you the ultimate control. The reduced pipework is a bonus space saver too as an electric radiator doesn’t require plumbing into the central heating. Another innovative radiator design is the Terma Rolo-Mirror copper vertical radiator. It doubles both as a radiator and a mirror so will save you space overall thanks to it dual function.

Ideal for small, narrow nooks

If you have some awkward alcoves or nooks in your home that are feeling a bit empty, there’s a radiator for that. Space saving vertical radiators are really on trend and look great with any style of decor with their wide range of designs. Tall, narrow radiators such as the Sherwood White Vertical Column Radiator offer excellent heat output while making use of the awkward spots in your kitchen or hallway. Alternatively, for small bathrooms or utility rooms, making use of a tall towel rail may be the perfect solution. Install a Terma Easy Black Towel Radiator into your bathroom for dry towels and cosy space. See our full vertical designer radiators category for plenty of options.   Typhoon - White Vertical Radiator H1800mm x W272mm Double Panel


Perfect beneath windows

Typically, horizontal radiators are installed beneath windows as the convection helps to keep the cold air from cooling the room and it’s also often considered “dead space” where the radiator won’t be in the way of furniture or other decor - a great way to save space! Column radiators are a classic style that offer a lot of traditional charm to your home. Choose the best height and width to suit any dead space within your home, colours, sizes such as the Alpha Raw Metal 4-column radiator and Alpha White 3-column radiator and number of columns to fit your space and heat output needs perfectly - the more columns your radiator has, the higher the heat output!   If you’re looking for something a bit more slimline and sleek, the Omega Anthracite Horizontal designer radiator is an excellent option to install beneath windows.

Excellent in narrow hallways

To save floor space in compact rooms or narrow hallways, you need a radiator with a small projection. This means it sits more flush with the wall and won’t encroach out into the room too far. Small designer radiators, such as the Typhoon Black Horizontal Radiator have a really small projection so are perfect for installing in narrow hallways to save floor space but still maximise on heat output - and they look good doing it! Heating your home doesn’t need to take up loads of space and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice space to stay warm. We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect space saving radiators for your home. For more inspiration, check out our guide to small electric radiators as well as our ultimate guide to vertical and horizontal radiators.

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