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The Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Radiator Colour

The Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Radiator Colour

Until fairly recently, radiators were purely functional - you had very little to choose from in terms of design and they were almost always white unless you took on the task of painting them yourself. Nowadays though, white is only one colour option and there are a plethora of different colours of radiators to choose from for your home. Read on to discover some of our favourite radiator colours.

How to choose the right radiator colours

There are a number of factors you’ll want to consider when deciding on the right colour of radiators for your home. For example; are you renovating the whole space or just replacing the radiator? Is your radiator going to blend in or be made to stand out? All of these questions will impact the colour you choose for your home. If you’re just changing the radiator, you’ll need to make sure the colour goes with your current decor and won’t clash with the style of the room. If you’re renovating the whole space, however, you can have a lot more fun with the colour of the radiator depending on the theme and interior decor within the space!

Black Radiators

If you don't want to spend too much time deciding on a radiator colour, but you know you want something other than white, then black is an excellent colour to go for. No matter what type of property you have, or what your interior decor style is like, a black radiator is going to look good no matter what. Black designer radiators and black bathroom radiators are sleek and stylish in modern, uncluttered spaces but will also work beautifully in homes that are a bit more maximalist or in other styles such as farmhouse decor. As well as suiting a great variety of home styles, black is a very forgiving shade. It won't show dust, dirt, or rust like white so you know they will look great well into the future.

Agar - Black Towel Radiator - H1564mm x W500mm


Anthracite Radiators

Anthracite is a really modern colour addition that adds a contemporary touch to your home decor. It’s more of a charcoal shade and is lighter than black but darker than white or grey. Anthracite also contains some hints of silver, giving it a very attractive sparkle in certain lights. If you have modern and contemporary tastes, installing anthracite designer radiators in your home, or an anthracite bathroom radiator could suit you perfectly. Shades of grey work really well with many different styles of home decor and can create points of interest in a minimalistic setting as well as a more maximalist home. Pair with other grey tones for a simple style or mix it in with metallic shades and jewel tones for a classy and majestic feel.  

Typhoon - Anthracite Horizontal Radiator H600mm x W816mm Double Panel


Chrome Radiators

The object of many sci-fi and futuristic films from the past, chrome is actually becoming more of a high-end colour of radiators for all rooms in the home. A nicely-placed chrome radiator will often become a focal point of any room it's installed in, giving off a bold and slightly industrial feel. Chrome radiators and chrome bathroom radiators are popular with those with minimalist taste who want to add an extra tone to their black and white or neutral-coloured rooms. They are also great at tying a room together if they’re paired with other metallic fixtures such as light switches, plug sockets, ovens, taps and light fittings.  


Copper Radiators

If you’re looking for that mid-century touch, copper radiators are the way to go. Their warm and inviting colour offers a unique detail to bedrooms and living rooms alike and are available in many different sizes and shapes. Copper designer radiators can be used throughout your home to bring some class and sophistication to your decor. Pair with similar neutral tones for a cohesive style or contrast with blues and greens for a stunning focal point in your home.  

Rolo-Room - Copper Horizontal Designer Radiators H500mm x W865mm Single Panel


White Radiators

Sometimes, sticking to what you know is a good, reliable option and the same goes for white radiators which is why we offer a wide range of radiators in this dependable shade. White radiators go with everything, blending into white and neutral walls with ease, and choosing to have them in your home is unlikely to be a decision you regret further down the line. Just because you like a white radiator, however, doesn't mean you have to play it safe or go for the bog-standard designs. From white column radiators to stylish white designer radiators, here at UK Radiators, you’ll find a range of clean and classic options to suit your taste.

Raw Metal Radiators

If your home has an industrial decor theme, inspired by traditional Victorian design, then raw metal column radiators will be the perfect addition. Unique and statement-making, these radiators remain unpainted to allow the natural colours and imperfections of raw steel to shine. The beauty of raw metal radiators is that they can also fit in well with simple, minimalistic homes, as a way to add some extra depth and interest to a room.

Silver Radiators

Sleek and ultra-modern, silver radiators offer both a simplistic but eye-catching style that will suit a wide variety of rooms, including bathrooms and kitchens. Silver radiators have the handy ability to match every colour, but we think they look particularly striking against a black or navy background. Stylish, elegant and functional, you’ll be able to choose different dimensions to fit your space perfectly, meaning you just can’t go wrong with a silver radiator.  

Tristan - Silver Towel Radiator - H816mm x W500mm


Stainless Steel Radiators

For something edgy yet contemporary with a slightly industrial look and feel, stainless steel radiators will be your best friend. Though similar to raw metal, stainless steel has an unmistakable shine that will give your radiator a polished, finished look. Perfect for those who dislike constant cleaning, stainless steel radiators will withstand corrosive elements like moisture and steam from your shower, which is why they come with an extra long guarantee! With a wide range of different styles and sizes available, such as curved and straight, you’ll easily find the bathroom radiator of your dreams. When it comes to finding the perfect radiators for your home, in any colour you can dream of, UK Radiators is the place to be. From a wide range of bathroom radiators to colourful designer radiators and beyond, we have everything you need to introduce a pop of colour into your life.

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