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Double Panel Radiators

For powerful and even heating in any area of your home, a double panel radiator is an ideal choice. Packing double the heat output of their single panel counterparts, our collection of double radiators gives you power and efficiency without having to compromise on style. Keep your home toasty and inviting all year round with a double panel radiator.

Big heat outputs for big spaces

Double radiators are ideal for larger spaces which require a decent amount of heat, such as a living room or kitchen. Especially if your room or living space is open plan, you’ll need a radiator that packs a punch to ensure your heating system works effectively. Our selection of double radiators features great heat outputs that guarantee to keep your space warm and cosy, no matter the size. 

A double convector radiator is also great for use in rooms that aren’t very well insulated due to that impressive heat output, which can provide an extra boost of heat, especially in the colder months.

Endless possibilities with powerful performance

Whatever your home decor style or radiator tastes, you’ll be able to find a double convector radiator perfect for your home. We stock a range of different types of central heating radiators such as:

  • - Type 21 radiators

  • - P+ Double Central Heating radiators

  • - Type 22 radiator

When it comes to style, you can opt for the flatter, more modern designs, or choose a traditional white sturdy model to complete your heating system. 

Our selection of double radiators is guaranteed to fit your space, with countless different size options to choose from. If you have limited wall space, our range of double panel vertical radiators is just what you need, and our team is always available to provide assistance and advice.

How a convector radiator works

In a convector radiator, the hot water fills a small tube at the base of the appliance. This tube is surrounded with aluminium fins that act as a heat exchanger, increasing the surface area of contact with the ambient air.

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