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Type 11 Horizontal Flat Panel

Type 11 radiators are also known as single panel convector radiators. They are probably the radiators that you're most familiar with as they are some of the most common found in the UK due to how affordable they are. They consist of a front panel with fins behind which help to convect and radiate the heat out into the air around it. These small radiators are ideal for when you need a highly efficient and effective radiator to heat your room, but you don't want one that takes up too much space.

Why Are Type 11 Radiators Best For You?

Not only are Type 11 radiators some of the most affordable and reliable options out there, they are also durable and hard wearing thanks to their steel construction. Steel has been used for radiators for decades due to its ability to conduct heat really well and its hardwearing, durable quality - lasting you for years to come.

The Type 11 horizontal radiators are the perfect addition to compact rooms or for using beneath small windows that would otherwise be considered "dead space". These small radiators can also be paired with thermostatic radiator valves to make your radiator more efficient.

If you are looking for more options, check out our full range of single panel radiators and if you're looking for a larger heat output for your central heating, check out Type 21 or Type 22 radiators instead!

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