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New Column Radiators

Column radiators from UK Radiators combine the traditional elegance of the past with the quality material and build of today, giving you a wonderful piece of heating nostalgia. Our column radiators are available in classic white gloss, matt anthracite, matt black or a more unorthodox raw lacquered metal finish, the column radiator is a beautiful yet understated addition to any home. Using the highest quality steel in production, our column radiators are durable and reliable, not a piece of fragile eye candy. Our unbeatable commitment to quality means that only the best materials and expert craftsmanship are used when manufacturing our rads - so there’s no chance of leaking or corrosion from your new column radiator either. 

Column radiators are available in vertical and horizontal styles, and there is a great selection of sizes to choose from, so no matter your size requirements, you’ll be able to find your perfect rad. From the space saving vertical double column radiator all the way through to a chunkier, more powerful 4 column radiator, there’s something for everyone - regardless of your style or budget.

Powerful heating and timeless style

Due to their robust design and steel materials, column rads boast an impressive heat output without compromising on style. Durable steel and cast iron column radiators retain and conduct heat exceptionally well, making them perfect for heating large spaces and keeping your home extra cosy in the colder months. 

Regardless of your home decor style, column radiators are a versatile design choice that can work in a variety of settings. Whether you’re after a column radiator to perfectly complete a vintage feel in your home, or a contrasting statement to a contemporary theme, column rads can do it all. And you’re spoilt for choice at UK Radiators too. Browse anthracite column radiators and more colourful numbers as well as traditional column radiators to see what designs fit your personal style. 

Horizontal Column Radiators

Nothing brings a classic-chic vibe into a newly decorated room more than our horizontal column radiators. The charming appearance of a horizontal column radiator will bring past-time sentiment into any room, without sacrificing modernity or efficiency. Our horizontal column radiators are a stylish and affordable addition to your home with top quality heating and insulating features, keeping you warmer for longer. 

These vintage fixtures are perfect for a period setting, helping you to strike the balance between old and new in a creative way. (But don’t get us wrong, this by no means suggests that the column radiator has no place in a modern setting.) If you’re after a raw or industrial look for your new room design, then our raw metal column radiators are the perfect option for you with their strong, stand out structure. Available in 2, 3 and 4 columns and a choice of classic white gloss or brilliantly unique raw metal finish, complete your room today with a fantastic horizontal column radiator.

Vertical Column Radiators

Vertical column radiators are equally as stunning as their horizontal counterparts. With the vertical orientation, you are able to save considerable space with a slender design by mounting in otherwise unused spaces. The vertical column radiator is perfect for a kitchen or in any narrow wall space, with their slim style and space saving design. These tall column radiators can capture the presence of an empty space and make a statement feature out of any wall. Our vertical column radiators come in a range of colours and designs, so you are sure to find the perfect one to suit your needs.

Stelrad Column Radiators

Here at UK Radiators, we stock a wide range of high quality radiator brands that produce the best in aesthetic design and heating features. One of those heating powerhouses is Stelrad, who produce great quality heating products from contemporary heated towel rails, to energy efficient converter radiators - and of course, the classic column radiator. 

This UK-based radiator manufacturer’s range includes the renowned Stelrad column radiators with their high quality, low maintenance finish. There’s a Stelrad column design to suit any interior with a range of traditional and contemporary new-age designs, with on-trend colours from classic white to on-trend anthracite. Stelrad classic column radiators are the perfect fixture for a more vintage, antique look. Both horizontal and vertical radiators in this range are designed to make the most of every inch of wall space, effectively providing high quality heating and style to your home. Each Stelrad column radiator comes with a guarantee to ensure all-round performance and outstanding reliability. They are also manufactured from high performance, corrosion-resistant steel to guarantee their longevity and ongoing high quality functionality.

White Column Radiators

White column radiators are the perfect heating fixture if you are after a more traditional style and timeless interior look. One of the classics, a white radiator complements almost any room, regardless of the background colour or home decor style. Despite having an elegant vintage appearance of the past, the performance and build quality of these radiators is up to a standard firmly set in the present day. With a choice of columns and sizes with optional support feet to match, white column radiators give you just what you need to add a piece of stunning homeware to your home

Anthracite Column Radiators

Anthracite column radiators give your room the modern and contemporary feel you’re looking for with their minimalist colour scheme and design. Anthracite is one of our customers’ most popular picks for a modern-looking radiator that looks as good as it functions. The smoky matt finish you achieve with this colour is quite unlike any other and produces a stylish effect with even the most minimalist radiator design. Although anthracite column radiators look simple, they pack a punch when it comes to heating efficiency, and won’t leave you in the cold. Our anthracite range comes in single or double column radiator designs, to suit any space and heating requirement, no matter how big or small.

Coloured Column Radiators

If you’re on the hunt for a hint of colour for your heating system, we provide a range of coloured column radiators to suit the different and various interior aesthetic designs of any room. No matter your colour scheme, you can pick a brightly-hued radiator to match any style with options available in black, white, brown, raw material, and anthracite. Our brown radiator designs go perfectly with any rustic interior design features, while black fixtures are perfect for those statement, attention grabbing pieces. Whether you want to go for a traditional, classic design with a white column radiator, or are longing for a more vibrant and modern look, then our anthracite column radiators are the perfect fit for you.

Benefits of Column Radiators

Column radiators can heat even the largest of spaces

Column radiators are perfect for any large space that requires extra heating and insulation with their wider surface area designs, which give off increased heat. They are also ideal for high-ceilinged spaces which create more wall space in a home. Column radiators are durable and efficient additions to a home, and don’t have to be as large as traditional radiators to provide the same heating and insulation powers. 

A versatile option to stand the test of time

Column radiators can match with any home decor style, from industrial interiors and vintage styles to modern homes. And what’s more, because they’re such a flexible design, you don’t need to worry about replacing a column radiator when it’s time for a redecoration, because it’ll complement whatever style you choose. 

The timeless design and reliable, powerful performance make these rads a great option for your home. And we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect column radiator for your home with our range of designs, brands and colours available at UK Radiators.