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6 Column Radiators

There’s nothing worse than inefficient heating on a chilly winter morning - it makes getting out of bed just that little bit harder. If your large office or drafty hallway struggles to stay warm, you want a 6 column radiator. Able to pump out a lot more heat than their smaller counterparts due to the increased surface area of the multiple columns, 6 column radiators are ideal for very large spaces such as classrooms or office spaces.

Traditional 6 Column Radiators

Inspired by the traditional Victorian design, a column radiator is a really great way to finish off a room. The curvature shape on column radiators helps to distribute heat evenly and efficiently throughout the space and suits any style of decor. The more columns, the more heat output so 6 column radiators are best suited for use in very large spaces such as offices, classrooms, or churches that require extra heat.

Because 6 column radiators are the best options for large spaces due to the high heat output, they may be too big for regular sized homes but worry not, if you love the look of column radiators but don’t have the space requirements, UK Radiators has a huge range of 2, 3 and 4 column radiators. Check out the rounded Sherwood models for a touch of the traditional or for a stronger, more modern style, our range of Temple radiators is the perfect option. You’re guaranteed to find exactly what you need from right here at UK Radiators

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