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Black Electric Towel Rails

Damp towels are rubbish. They’re not nice to use and can end up making your bathroom smell pretty unpleasant as well. But that’s where a towel rail comes in. Offering you toasty towels with the added benefit of warming the room, an electric towel rail is the perfect addition to any bath or shower room. UK Radiators’ range of black towel rails can even help to save you some money as you don’t need to use a tumble dryer to keep your towels dry and fluffy.

Why Choose Black Electric Towel Rails?

Black is a stylish and modern accent colour to use in your bathroom, offering cosy vibes without showing as much dirt or dust. Steel radiators warm up quickly and efficiently. They’re specially made to hang two or three bath towels on so that they are properly spaced and able to dry in a timely manner. Whether you opt for straight or curved bars is all down to your personal tastes but no matter which you choose, your towels will be warm and fluffy every time you use them. For even more choice of colours, finishes, and designs, check out our entire electric towel rail range.

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