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Dual Fuel Bathroom Radiators

Built to last and offering superior quality with economic benefits, dual fuel bathroom radiators are the way forward. With the ability to be switched on through either the central heating or electrically depending on your setup, dual fuel radiators can be easily controlled at any time.

Our collection features a wide variety of sizes, colours and designs all for a reasonable price, to suit your every need. Plus, some of our dual fuel bathroom radiators are available with thermostatic elements that can offer time and temperature controls. You can even pick up matching valves and t-pieces too making life easier for you.

Top Quality Dual Fuel Towel Rails

At UK Radiators, we also supply a large choice of dual fuel towel rails too. These rails are available in curved ladder or straight ladder styles as well as modern designer or more traditional radiator designs and an abundance of different colours too.

Dual fuel towel rails are perfect for those with a smaller bathroom or who want to add a statement of luxury. Simple yet highly efficient, this versatile heating solution will ensure you get that toasty towel feeling all year round while also heating your bathroom at the same time. Dual fuel towel rails are a great long-term investment that you’ll enjoy for years to come!

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