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Column Radiator Feet

Column radiators are some of the most striking and unique designs of radiators. They offer rustic charm to your home and are available in many different sizes depending on your home’s needs. But what do you do if the walls you’re installing them on aren’t able to support all of the weight? Or if you just want something different than the traditional wall-mounted radiators? Enter Column Radiator feet.

Why install Column Radiator Feet?

Column radiator feet allow you to install your radiator on the floor rather than hanging it on the wall. Best paired with a set of wall stays or brackets to ensure an extra secure installation, they’re made out of sturdy and durable steel which is super strong and perfect for holding the weight of the water-filled radiator.

They are available in a range of colours to match the radiator unit so you don’t have to worry about painting the feet or mismatching with the unit. Additionally, the column radiator feet we sell are made as part of the Column Radiator Ranges: Alpha and K-Rad Klassic, so you know they will fit.

Find your perfect column radiators, including 2 column radiators, 3 column radiators, 4 column radiators, and 6 column radiators as well as all the radiator parts and accessories you need from right here at UK Radiators.

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