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Modern Manual Valves

A staple in most homes, and the style we’ve probably all grown up with, modern manual radiator valves are an essential for any homeowner. Offering you the ability to have your radiators on or off in different rooms, manual radiator valves come in all different colours and finishes to suit any home decor. From polished chrome to matt anthracite and much more, you’re spoilt for choice with UK Radiators’ range of modern manual radiator valves.

Why opt for modern manual radiator valves

Manual radiator valves work differently to thermostatic valves. Where thermostatic valves sense the temperature of the radiator and automatically turn it off or on depending on your settings, a manual radiator valve needs to be adjusted by hand. Just like a tap controlling the amount of water that comes out, a manual radiator valve can be turned to allow more or less hot water through and into the radiator depending on what you need.

To avoid conflict in temperature regulation, it's usually recommended for you to install manual radiator valves in rooms that have a boiler thermostat in, instead of thermostatic radiator valves. It’s still very common to use manual valves on towel rails, especially in the bathroom where a thermostatic valve may struggle to stay consistent with the warm, damp air that is usually present. A manual valve will be able to give you simpler control over the temperature of your towel rails, turning them on to dry the towel and off again once they are dry.

For more choice and even more variety, check out our full range of radiator valves, elements, and accessories.

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