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Pros and Cons of a Vertical Radiator

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Pros and Cons of a Vertical Radiator

Though it’s nice and warm outside for now, soon the first stirrings of autumn will begin and it’ll be time to enjoying getting cosy in our homes. This is the perfect time of year to look at making any changes to your heating system. For anyone getting a radiator in 2019, the big question is whether to stick to a traditional, horizontal design or branch out and consider a vertical one.

At UK Radiators, we have different colours, styles and shapes, and are happy to talk to you about the benefits of each, and how they can fit into your ideal home.

Vertical Radiators

These are traditional and are based on the Victorian style, running across the wall. Though there is a lot of variation such as single panel options, as a general rule vertical designs have fewer pipes, they are much longer, going up the wall, rather than along it.

The upright shape tends to fit in well in more modern settings, but it’s worth exploring the different sizes, styles and finishes that might suit even a more traditional setting. A white or black radiator is usually seen as slim and minimalistic.

Top Tip:

When you are browsing our designer radiators online you have the option to select categories such as ‘horizontal’ or ‘vertical’.

How Efficient are Vertical Radiators?

The idea that vertical designs sacrifice efficacy for aesthetic is common but completely wrong. Efficiency is measured in BTUs and can be worked out using our BTU calculator. This is the same for vertical and horizontal units, so whichever you choose, if the BTU is sufficient for your room, then a vertical will be just as good as a horizontal.

Any Space, Any Room

Though horizontal and vertical models are equally efficient at heating a room, amongst vertical radiators, there is another factor that stands out: versatility.

A slim, vertical design opens up a breadth of possibilities in where it can be placed. When looking for space for a traditional, horizontal option, there are often only one or two spaces in a room where it can be accommodated. Not so for a vertical piece which can easily be tucked behind a door or snuck between furniture.

Still on the fence about what style to go for? Call us today on 0333 006 8227 and one of our friendly team will be happy to talk to you about our popular ranges.