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Can I Place A TV In Front of A Radiator?

Can I Place A TV In Front of A Radiator?

How Heat From Radiators Affect TVs?

 There are various ways heat exposure can impact your TV device. Over time, if your TV has been exposed to rising warm heat from your radiator, it can significantly damage the metal components and circuitry within it. In extreme cases, structures in your TV can melt, causing potential damage to other parts inside. Overall, extended exposure to heat can also impact the TV image. As a result, pixels can stop loading leading to desaturated images or even loss of colour. Generally, it’s often advised not to keep electronic devices such as TVs exposed to high temperatures, as the warmth and humidity can increase the risk of electrical faults and potential fires.  

Tips For When Placing Your TV Near A Radiator

 If you have no other choice, then here is our advice for positioning your TV safely near your radiator.  

Install A Full Motion or Movable Wall Bracket

 Utilise your wall space and avoid rising warm heat affecting your TV by hanging your TV above your radiator using a movable wall bracket. Extending your movable bracket outwards when your heating is on can help avoid the rising warm air.  

Placing The TV Above A Radiator Cover

 Although this may not be an efficient way of warming up your room, placing your TV above a cover is an excellent way of preventing your TV from overheating. Instead, the radiator cover will stop the TV from getting too warm.  

Checking Your TV Manual

 To understand how your TV is affected by different heat temperatures, read your TV manual. Reading your manual will tell you what temperature your TV best functions. Often, most TVs withstand the heat of up to 50 degrees. For example, Samsung LCD TVs operate in temperatures from 10 to 40 degrees. Whilst, Sony-manufactured TVs work best in temperatures from 0 to 40 degrees. Although this does sound extremely warm, it’s important to remember that your TV is placed directly above the radiator, which reaches warmer temperatures than in your living room. Therefore, it is recommended to not set your heating above the required temperatures.  

Use A Thermostatic Valve

 To ensure that your radiator doesn’t get too hot, install a thermostatic valve onto your radiator. Installing a thermostatic valve enables you to turn down your radiator when watching TV without allowing it to overheat. Or, you can also completely switch off that individual radiator rather than turn off your central heating if you don’t want to worry about your device becoming overheated.  

Install A Floating Shelf For Your TV

 Installing a floating shelf to place your TV above the radiator is another way of deflecting the rising heat from reaching your TV. Plus, this means you can decorate your shelve with stylish ornaments too!  

What Should Be The Distance Between Your TV And Radiator?

 The distance between your TV depends on the type of radiator and TV you have. Generally speaking, a good distance of six inches or above is advised to protect your TV from overheating.  

Word of Advice

 If you have limited space in your living room, placing your TV near your radiator may be your only option. Considering all our advice, it is still possible to position your TV near a radiator. At UK Radiators, we provide a variety of stylish designer radiators that are suitable for placing in other areas of your living room.

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