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4 Column Radiators

Simple, classic design meets 21st-century technology in our super-efficient 4 column radiators. Available in traditional horizontal styles which spread their heat more broadly, they’re ideal to place near drafty spots such as under a window or near an outside door.

With the ability to warm your rooms in an instant, you’ll no longer suffer the cold, harsh temperatures of winter and will stay warm and cosy all year round. Plus, their striking design will help create a traditional, period-style look in any room. All of our column radiators are made from the highest quality steel so you can be sure they are extremely durable and reliable.

4 Column Radiators Heat Output

Typically, 4 column radiators are used where high heat output is needed such as hallways, kitchens and living rooms. If you’re lucky enough to own a gorgeous period property with large, tall rooms then 4 column radiators will likely be the best option for you.

Despite these column radiators being bulkier than 2 or 3 column radiators, their heat output is unrivalled and their attractive design can often be used as a focal point or a statement in any room. Here at UK Radiators, we supply 4 column radiators in a variety of colours such as classic white, anthracite or a more unorthodox raw lacquered metal finish, so no matter your decor, we're sure there’ll be a radiator to suit your style.

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