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White Electric Towel Rails

A towel rail is an essential bathroom addition for keeping your towels warm and dry. No one likes using a damp towel and they can make your bathroom smell pretty unpleasant if left damp for too long. Installing an electric towel rail can help to banish that musty smell as well as keeping your bathroom warm during chilly weather. You may find that a towel rail can save you some money too as you won’t need to rely on a tumble dryer to dry your towels.

Reasons to Opt For White Electric Towel Rails

Installing a white electric towel rail is ideal for when you want the function of a towel rail without turning it into a bathroom feature. The clean, classic colour keeps small bathrooms feeling open and airy without cluttering up your space. Hang up your bath towels on straight or curved rails that are perfectly spaced to encourage them to dry as quickly as possible.

Steel is a great conductive metal for towel rails as it heats up efficiently. You can also opt for a thermostatic element for your towel rail which will let you set up the radiator to turn on and off automatically depending on the temperature of the room - super useful for saving money and avoiding overheating a smaller bathroom. For more choice of colours, finishes, and designs of towel rails, check out our entire electric towel rail range.

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